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Simultaneously with the introduction of the BMW models of the 40-year GS Edition “Edition 40 Years GS”; we have launched “ADVENTURE STYLE” fuel tank guards; which fit perfectly into the colour layout of the “Edition 40 Years GS”

This tank guard not only reliably protects the tank; but also the fairing; stem and high-end radiator units. In conjunction with the engine guard; it forms a well-thought-out all-round protection concept for passive safety: In the event of a fall or accident; the forces are optimally distributed via the guard structure to the load-bearing pick-up points; thus avoiding force peaks. Visually; the protective bar integrates very well into the design of the motorcycle and underlines the striking appearance. The tank guard is made of a composite of 25 and 18 mm precision steel tube. They consist of pipe segments that are model-specifically formed on CNC tube bending machines and then welded clean.

Our protective bars focus on protective function and product design. Therefore; we also offer the guard in white. The steel surface is powder coated. This clever tank protection is integrated into the design of your BMW.

The facts:


  • Sophisticated all-round protection concept for passive safety
  • Protective function and integrated product design
  • Perfect; model-specific fit
  • Fits Wunderlich and Original Engine Guards or any other cylinder protection
  • Protection of radiator / fans; tank side paneling; stem
  • Even distribution of forces


  • Material: precision steel tube
  • Pipe Diameter: 18-25 mm
  • Detailed; easy-to-understand installation instructions
  • 60 days right of return
  • 5 year warranty
  • Made in Germany

Note: If you want to continue using the original BMW auxiliary lights; you will need one of our "Attachment kits org. additional headlights for Wunderlich tank guard"
with item no. 28363-001; 28363-002 or 28363-102