Wunderlich engine protection »EXTREME« (Euro5). BMW F 850 GS (2018-) 09.2020- EURO5 / F 850 GS Adv (2019-) não compatível c/27810-200 /F750 GS (2018-), 09.2020- EURO5



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Proteção carter preto EXTREME (Euro5). BMW F 850 GS (2018-) 09.2020- EURO5 / F 850 GS Adv (2019-) não compatível c/27810-200 / F750 GS (2018-), 09.2020- EURO5

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Descrição do Produto

The Wunderlich ¬ªEXTREME¬´ engine protection The functional design and constructive integration of our ¬ªEXTREME¬´ engine protection protects the engine and the manifold. It moulds itself so tightly to the aggregate that not only is the frontal area of attack minimised; but the ground and lean angle freedom remain almost entirely unchanged. The form of this protection avoids unpleasant levering or jamming of the vehicle over terrain; no matter whether from branches; scree or rocks. Openings ensure that water picked up during river crossings can flow out freely again. Typically Wunderlich; the team have made sure that you have good; unrestricted access during maintenance works: For example; an opening has been included for unhindered drainage of the engine oil. The aluminium engine protection is corrosion-resistant and the generated forces and vibrations are absorbed by impact-decoupling attachment elements. We manufacture the ¬ªEXTREME¬´ engine protection using the challenging and advanced hydroforming manufacturing process. This allows us to realise complex component forms and geometries (especially asymmetrical ones; in which we can achieve lower weight and simultaneously realise high component rigidities and mechanical stability through optimisation of the material thickness. The result is a resistant; weight and form-optimised engine protection unit that moulds so tightly and organically to the aggregate that the design principle of “form follows function” becomes self-evident. It comes in black powder-coated. Our ¬ªEXTREME¬´ engine protection is Made in Germany. That’s why we’re happy to provide a 5 years warranty. Facts: Function
  • Maximum protection for engine; manifold and front silencer
  • Optimum constructive integration and functional design
  • Low-profile organic product design or shape that only offers a small area of attack; that avoids unpleasant levering or hooking of the bike over terrain
  • Ground and lean angle freedom remain almost entirely unchanged
  • Water picked up during river crossings can flow out freely again
  • Good; unrestricted access during maintenance works
  • Anti-corrosion
  • Externally generated forces are intercepted by impact-decoupling attachment elements and vibrations are absorbed
  • Manufactured in the hydroforming process; with maximum protection thanks to the optimisation of the material thickness and component form; this enables high component rigidities and mechanical stability at a significantly reduced weight
  • Secure attachment
  • Additional carrier for complete impact decoupling between protector and engine housing
Technical info
  • Material: High-strength aluminium; precision manufactured in the hydroforming process with integrated impact-absorbing attachment elements
  • Wunderlich premium product. Small batches. Made by hand.
  • Wunderlich design. Integrated and functional.
  • 60 days right to return
  • Made in Germany
  • 5-year warranty
Wunderlich product category
  • Protection
  • Design