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dguard® is your digital guardian angel; quick helper; theft alarm and useful touring companion that you should always have on the bike.

Guardian angel. Once activated; the intelligent emergency call system works reliably and in a serious incident; quickly gets you the medical assistance you need. The automatic emergency call with location sharing goes directly to the rescue coordination centre – without time-consuming detours or a call centre.

Quick helper. If you or someone near you needs an ambulance; you can also trigger the emergency call yourself by pressing the SOS button. Your connected headset lets you speak directly to the coordination centre to give them important information about the situation.

In addition to the intelligent and manual emergency call function (that you hopefully won’t ever need); dguard® provides you with other interesting and helpful features.

Theft alarm. This little guardian also means you have a theft alert system on-board. If someone tries to put their hands on your parked motorcycle; you immediately receive a notification to your smartphone and mails to your selected contacts. Thanks to the connected GPS antenna; the Find My Bike function lets you reliably check the location of your motorcycle. Park wherever you like without worry; because the dguard® system keeps an eye on your bike.

Useful touring companion. Are you one of those bikers who love going on extended rides? Then you’ll love the Tour Diary. If you want; it will record the your journey and save the route; speed; stops and elevation data for the route in an interactive map. You can view; export or share this data with friends and family at any time.

You can manage all functions; settings and records easily in the dguard® app. But you don’t need your smartphone for reliably protection on the go.

The high-quality emergency call system was developed by riders for riders and has been extensively tested. The development; manufacturing and support are Made in Germany.


  • Motorcycle emergency call:
  • Theft alert system
  • Tour Diary ? Record tours and share with friends
  • One app for all dguard¬Æ features
  • A mobile licence is included in the price of purchase for the first 24 months; then ‚Ǩ29.90 ?* per year
    *incl. German VAT

Motorcycle emergency call:

  • Automatic accident recognition
  • Reliably differentiates between a mishap while standing and similar incidents from genuine hazardous situations
  • Gets help when you need it
  • Quick and professional help directly via the rescue coordinate centre
  • Can help to reduce the consequences of an accident
  • Get help for others with the SOS function button
  • dguard¬Æ doesn‚Äôt require a smartphone for the emergency call function

Theft alert system

If someone moves your BMW without permission; the sensors in the dguard® detect that your motorcycle is in motion.

  • The theft alert system activates just a few seconds after switching off the ignition.
  • You can adjust the sensitivity of the theft recognition to your needs at any time in the dguard¬Æ app.
  • Transporting your motorcycle and don‚Äôt need the theft alert system? Great; you can switch this off directly in the dguard¬Æ app.

dguard® informs you immediately in the event of an attempted theft

You can set how you want to be notified in the dguard® app:

  • By push notification in the app – just like with your alarm; the notification appears together with a warning sounds; regardless of what you‚Äôre doing on your phone at the time – even if your smartphone is switched off
  • by SMS

Now it’s up to you:

  • Track the position of your motorcycle by GPS
  • Catch the troublemaker in the act
  • False alarm? Adjust the sensitivity of your theft alert system in the dguard¬Æ app.

Tour Diary ? Record tours and share with friends

For bikers; motorcycle tours in picturesque landscapes and on exciting routes are particular highlight of the year. Planning the tour alone brings a sense of joyful anticipation: which route is most beautiful to ride? Where can you find the most spectacular panorama? And which sights do you definitely want to include in your plan?

The dguard® Tour Diary ensures none of the high points of your travel route are left out: the whole tour is recorded by GPS and captures on an interactive map in your dguard® app. The different filters let you edit the route record any way you like Рso you can let your friends and family at home share in your journey.

Motorcycle tracker ? Find your bike at all times

The dguard® emergency call system offers more than just an eCall for riders or theft protection. You can also use the system to locate your motorcycle: If you’re not near your bike; you can still track it from a distance at any time – meaning your vehicle has the best protection and you don’t need to worry. One quick check via the app is enough to tell you where your bike was last located.

One app for all dguard® features

Thanks to the logical setup and easy operation of the app; you can use all of the functions and settings intuitively and get a good overview at a glance. Use the dguard® application as an emergency call app; as a bike route app for recording routes; as a motorcycle tracking app for easily locating your bike or even as a motorcycle alarm system app. The app combines all four functions in just a single app.
You can easily make adjustments to your individual settings at any time. This includes the configuration of emergency call settings; the theft alert system; the tour diary; the system status and the system administration.